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Artis Smartstone Worktops

Artis Smartstone Worktops can be categorized as solid surface worktops. They are made up of a chipboard core with a 2mm polyester resin solid surface layer on top. The solid surface is thicker (6mm rather than 2mm) at the worktop’s edges.

Visual Appeal

At the time of writing, Smartstone worktops are available in seven different designs (all of which would look great in both contemporary and traditional kitchen design schemes). With all solid surface worktops the biggest selling-point is the fact that they can be fitted with seamless joins between worktop sections. Artis Smartstone solid surface worktops are no different in this respect, and, providing they are fitted correctly the modular elements (see below) can be combined to form the desired homogenous appearance.

Functionality and Durability

Like all solid surface kitchen worktops, Artis Smartstone is non-porous. It is therefore hygienic and easy to keep clean. Liquid will stay on the surface of the worktop ready to be wiped-up, and bacteria and germs will not be able to thrive in the chipboard core (the most vulnerable part of the worktop).

Artis Smartstone can be scratched and marked quite easily (as is the case with all solid surfaces). Fortunately, according to the Artis literature, in the case of light scratches the smooth surface can be lightly sanded and repolished bringing the surface back to its original condition, and more significant damage can be repaired by an experienced installer using a Smartstone repair kit.

Some Smartstone finishes are more likely to show scratches and marks than others. The Artis brochure makes this very clear:

Please be aware that marks are more visible on gloss, metal foil and darker surfaces. Additional care must be taken during installation and in use.

If you don’t want to spend all of your free time maintaining your kitchen worktops, heed this advice and go for a matt or semi-matt Smartstone worktop in one of the mid-tone colours.

Smartstone is fairly heat resistant, but in accordance to the Artis maintenance guide:

Hot pans and casserole dishes must be placed on a counter saver due to the intense heat generated.


Artis Smartstone solid surface kitchen worktops do not require templating (meaning that an installer will not need to measure up the worktop and then have it fabricated off-site prior to installation). Instead, Smartsone kitchen worktops can be purchased as blanks (or modules) and then shaped, joined and fitted on-site. This reduces cost and the amount of waiting time.

A Smartstone module with drainer grooves is available and it is possible to fit an under mounted sink to a Smartstone worktop.

In order to achieve a high-quality finish (which is incredibly important with solid surface worktops), with truly inconspicuous joins between the modules, it is a good idea to have your Smartstone work surface installed by an experience solid surface fitter.


Because it can be purchased ‘off the shelf’ and because it has a relatively thin solid surface layer in comparison to other solid surface worktops (Corian worktops, for example, have a 12mm acrylic polymer solid surface), Artis Smartstone is not one of the most expensive solid surface worktops.

At the time of writing, a 3000mm module was approximately £365, and a 4100mm module was about £400.

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