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GetaCore Worktops

Produced by the German company Westag & Getalit AG, GetaCore worktops are a type of solid surface worktop. Like all solid surface worktops, GetaCore has a chipboard core and an acrylic solid surface outer layer. In the case of a GetaCore worktop the acrylic resin layer is 3mm thick on the top surface and 10mm thick to the front edge. GetaCore worktops also have an elastic expansion joint sandwiched between the worktop’s front edge and the chipboard core.

Visual Appeal

At the time of writing, GetaCore worktops are available in over 50 different styles and colours. The worktops can be fitted with seamless joints, meaning that you can’t tell where two sections of worktop are linked together, and GetaCore integral sinks are available in a selection of colours, allowing them to completely tie in with some of the worktop patterns. If installed properly by an authorised fitter, the seamless effect can look stunning, and due to the wide range of colours and patterns, you would probably be able to find a GetaCore worktop that goes well with your existing decor.

Durability and Functionality

GetaCore solid surface worktops come with a 6 year guarantee (provided they are fitted by an authorised installer). Like all solid surfaces, GetaCore can be scratched and marked quite easily. This is not a problem because minor marks can be polished away and more significant damage can usually be either sanded out or repaired. However, some of the colours (particularly black and pure white) are more susceptible to becoming marked. In their brochure, GetaCore mentions that dark GetaCore worktops and those with high-gloss finishes are particularly vulnerable.

GetaCore worktops are non-porous. This makes them a hygienic choice and easy to keep clean. I have heard people say that 3mm solid surface is prone to cracking. This is due to the surface being fitted incorrectly and such defects can usually be rectified to restore the seamless finish.

Some solid surface worktops are only able to withstand heat below 80 degrees C. GetaCore is apparently heat resistant up to 180 degrees C, yet it is probably advisable to use worktop savers rather than placing dishes and pans straight from the oven onto the GetaCore surface.

Cost and Installation

GetaCore is cheaper than some of the more expensive forms of solid surface worktop, such as Corian worktops. However, it is significantly more expensive than having a laminate worktop fitted. At the time of writing, a 1000mm x 600mm GetaCore worktop cost approximately £220. Obviously, on top of this you need to pay for installation (by an experienced GetaCore fitter) and the relevant fixings and acrylic glues. In addition, you may also need to invest in polishing and maintenance kits.

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