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Granite Worktops

If you are thinking about installing granite worktops in your kitchen and want to learn more about them, this is the article for you. We will discuss why granite kitchen worktops are considered to be one of the best types of worktop on the market, looking in detail at granite’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. We will also touch upon some of granite’s negative attributes – the factors that may dissuade you from purchasing a granite worktop – before drawing some conclusions by balancing the pros and cons.

Having read the information in this article you should be in a better position to decide whether a granite surface is suitable for your home or whether you might be better advised to go for one of the many other worktop options available.

Even though granite kitchen worktops can be very expensive, they are also incredibly popular. We will start by investigating the factors and attributes possessed by granite that contributes to their popularity.

Firstly, granite is incredibly hard. It is an igneous rock formed from cooling magma. As a result, it is difficult to scratch and chip. A granite countertop can withstand hot pans and dishes being placed directly on it and it should, if cared for correctly, last a lifetime.

Secondly, granite is very visually appealing. Granite contains a mixture of different constituents (including quartz, mica and feldspar). However, the appearance of granite differs according to the particular quarry the stone has been extracted from. Different geographical locations lead to different geological conditions. Therefore, the appearance of granite differs from quarry to quarry. From a potential purchaser’s point of view, this means that every piece of granite is unique. It also means that granite is available in a wide range of colours and patterns.

Thirdly, a granite worktop will look stunning in either a modern kitchen or a more traditional design. Granite countertops can either be used to complement other kitchen design elements or to form the room’s centrepiece. Black granite is particulalry popular at the moment. Granite is very versatile.

Fourthly, because it is a stone worktop, a granite surface is very cool. This is of particular importance to those who make bread, cakes and pastry.

Fifthly, a granite kitchen worktop will not harbour germs or bacteria. It is easy to wipe clean and a recent study has discovered that it is almost as hygienic as a stainless steel worktop (used in professional kitchens).

It is clear that granite worktops have a lot of positive attributes, but there are also some negative aspects which warrant further discussion. There is no getting away from it – granite is an expensive material. There are many other types of kitchen worktops which represent a cheaper alternative. In addition, due to the weight of the stone, the installation of a granite kitchen countertop may mean that your existing kitchen units need strengthening. This could also add to the cost of your granite worktop.

Granite is very hard and tough, but it is susceptible to staining when certain liquids are left on the surface. Acidic substances, such as vinegar, alcohol, lemon juice and window cleaners, will leave marks on the granite that are incredibly tricky (and sometimes impossible) to remove. To guard against this, spills should be wiped up rapidly and the granite surface should be sealed properly in accordance with the installers guidelines.

In conclusion, it is easy to see why granite worktops are very popular. Yes, they can be expensive. But you certainly get what you pay for in this case. They should last a lifetime and the price doesn’t seem so extortionate when you keep this point in mind.

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