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Laminate Worktops Review

Although there are differences between the laminate worktops produced by the key manufacturers in the UK (Duropal, Bushboard and Axiom), essentially these type of worktops consist of a particleboard or chipboard core upon which a laminate sheet has been bonded with a resin adhesive. Laminate is an incredibly popular worktop material. If you have ever wondered why this is the case, and you want to know more about laminate kitchen worktops, this is the perfect starting place. In this post we will explore the pros and cons associated with laminate worktops. Once you have read the information in this article you should be well-placed to make an informed decision about whether or not a laminate worktop is a good choice for you.

Let’s start by looking at the positive factors. First and foremost is the price. Although they have come on in terms of quality and design, laminate countertops are still among the cheapest forms of kitchen worktop. They are very cost effective and are an ideal choice if you are on a tight budget. Most wood worktops and all stone worktops will be more expensive than laminate.

Secondly, laminate worktops can be had in extensive range of textures and colours. Some of the designs have been produced to mimic other worktop materials (for example, you can buy laminate worktops that look like oak or granite), some use vivid colours and some are more subtle. Whatever style of kitchen design you have opted for, you will almost certainly be able to find a laminate worktop that fits the bill.

Thirdly, most laminate work surfaces are easy to keep clean. Because they are waterproof spills and cooking splashes are simple to wipe up. Laminate worktops are, on the whole, a very hygienic worktop, and some laminates (Bushboard worktops, for example) contains built-in bacterial protection.

Fourthly, it is reasonably simple to cut and shape laminate worktops to fit awkward kitchen designs and to accommodate sinks, hobs and stoves. Unlike granite worktops, laminate does not require a specialist installer.

Although laminate worktops offer a lot of good things, like all types of worktops, there are some negative factors that count against them. Let’s look at these in more detail.

Firstly, although laminate worktops can last quite some time if they are taken care of correctly, the surface can be easily damaged in some circumstances. If you use knives to cut directly onto the surface of a laminate worktop it will become damaged. These cut marks are almost impossible to remove and they can become difficult to clean properly, harbouring bacteria and germs. If you place hot dishes, pans or cooking utensils on the laminate it will scorch and mark. These situations can be overcome, however, by getting into the habit of using chopping boards and worktop savers.

Secondly, it is very hard to joint two laminate boards without the joints being really obvious. Unlike corian worktops, seamless joints cannot be achieved with laminate. Not only does this detract from laminate’s aesthetic appeal, but it can also become an entry point for moisture. This may lead to a build up of mould, but also a weakening of the particleboard core.

Thirdly, in a busy kitchen, laminate kitchen worktops can often look tatty really quickly. This is particularly the case at the corners of the laminate boards, where the laminate can become chipped and scratched. Although there laminate repair kits on the market, it is difficult to get the laminate back to its original state after damage has been sustained.

When choosing a kitchen worktops there are lots of factors that must be weighed and balanced. Laminate worktops are inexpensive and affordable. If you can afford a granite kitchen worktop, you probably won’t be considering the purchase of a laminate countertop, but, if you are on a tight budget, you might well want to look at laminates. They’ve come a long way in terms of both visually and in terms of their performance and they can look absolutely brilliant in the right design scheme.

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  1. Jason Smith
    December 9, 2011 | 3:12 pm

    Just reading this post and found it very interesting, thanks for pointing out the cost side of things, very helpful, Jason.

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