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Mistral Worktops

Whereas most solid surface worktops consist of an acrylic resin surface layer and a chipboard or MDF core, Mistral worktops are different. They are a solid solid surface worktop (if that makes sense). They do not have a chipboard core. Instead, they are entirely made up of acrylic-based resin.

Manufactured by Karonia, Mistral solid surface worktops are 25mm thick and are completely non-porous.

Let’s have a closer look at some of the benefits and potential weaknesses associated with Mistral worktops.

Visual Appeal

As with all solid surface worktops, it is possible to install Mistral worktops with seamless joints between worktop sections. Furthermore, because it is a true solid surface, a Mistral worktop can be cut into imaginative shapes without the need for end-capping.

Mistral worktops are available in eleven colours (at the time of writing), and, providing they are installed correctly, would look stunning and eye-catching in almost any kitchen design.


Mistral kitchen worktops are made from 100% non-porous material and, as a result, they are very hygienic. In most solid surface worktops the chipboard core is the most vulnerable element because if it gets wet its structural integrity is compromised and it can be the breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Mistral solid surfaces do not share this weak point.

Although it is claimed that Mistral maximizes the natural strength and durability of solid surface, the Mistral literature is quite clear about just how a Mistral worktop should and shouldn’t be used:

Never put hot pans, especially those made of cast iron, directly onto your Mistral worktops because, as with all worktop materials, the intense heat can damage the surface.

Always use a hot pad or trivet (with rubber feet) under hot pans and other items such as oven trays.

Ensure that pans do not overhang the edge of the hob as the reflection of the heat onto the surface can cause scorching.  Please take special note of this when using gas wok burners.

Avoid sliding hard objects across the surface, particularly those with unglazed ceramic bases as ceramic is extremely hard and likely to scratch the surface.

Do not cut directly onto your Mistral surface, use a cutting board/worktop saver.

While MISTRAL surfaces are non-porous, it is still recommended that any spills are wiped up as soon as they occur.  Any spills can always be removed but the longer they are left, the less simple the method.

Avoid exposing your Mistral surface to strong chemicals such as paint removers and oven cleaners.  Any spills should be immediately cleared up with lots of soapy water to ensure that no damage occurs.

Most solid surface worktops are easily scratched and Mistral worktops are no different. However, minor marks can usually be polished out of the surface and deeper scratches can frequently be inconspicuously repaired.

Mistral point out that their darker coloured worktops will show wear much more easily than mid-tone designs. They do not recommend black worktops for high-traffic areas (e.g. kitchens). This negative factor is not just true of Mistral worktops. Most dark solid surfaces (and some of the pure white ones) require a considerable amount of maintenance to keep them looking good.


Mistral comes as worktop blanks or modules. Therefore, they can be shaped and cut on-site without the need for templating and off-site fabrication It is claimed that Mistral worktops are simple to install and that their installation doesn’t require the use of specialist tools. However, a certain level of expertise and experience is required to fit solid surface worktops properly. If you want to guarantee seamless joints, it might be worth calling in a professional kitchen fitter.

Mistral worktops are compatible with Belfast sinks and other under-mounted sinks (and these can be located anywhere within the worktop’s span), and drainer grooves can be cut into the worktop surface.

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