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Oak Worktops Review

Of all the different types of wood worktop, oak is one of the most popular choices. If you’ve ever wondered why this is the case, or if you have ever considered having an oak worktop installed in your kitchen, this is the perfect starting place for you. In this review we will focus on both positive and negative attributes of oak worktops, before weighing the pros and cons and drawing a conclusion. Hopefully, having read this post, you should be in a good position to determine whether or not oak kitchen worktops are appropriate for your home.

Let’s start by looking at oak’s positive aspects. Firstly, oak is a material well-suited to being used as a kitchen worktop. It is a really tough hardwood and it is very hardwearing and durable. It’s true that there are stronger worktops on the market – granite for example – but, considering they are made of wood, oak worktops can withstand quite a lot of punishment in a busy kitchen. Oak worktops are relatively difficult to dent or scratch and, providing they are taken care of, they should last years.

Secondly, oak worktops are fantastic to look at. They have a tight grain structure and an attractive colour. Single stave oak worktops look particularly stunning, as the interesting grain patterns are showcased by the unbroken lengths of timber. Oak worktops have traditionally been used in rustic, farmhouse kitchen designs, but things have changed of late. Now, oak countertops are an integral part of many modern and contemporary kitchens. They bring a natural element to the sleek lines and minimalist styling of today’s kitchens. The colour of oak can also be adjusted by the application of stains and oils to complement the existing kitchen design choices.

A third positive factor is that oak kitchen worktops, like all solid wood worktops, are fairly simple to cut and install. The fitting of a wood worktop can be carried out by anyone competent individual with access to power tools. Ii does not require – as is the case with stone worktops – specialist installation and equipment.

A fourth benefit is the price. Although oak worktops are more expensive than some other wood worktops (and most laminate worktops), they are considerably cheaper than other types of worktops. Single stave oak worktops are the most expensive form in which oak counters can be purchased. The price can be significantly reduced, however, if you opt for an oak butcher’s block worktop (one pieced together from smaller pieces of solid oak).

Fifth, if an oak worktop does become scratched or chipped it is relatively simple to sand out the damage and then re-stain the area. Major dents and water stains, on the other hand, are much harder to make disappear.

It is clear that oak kitchen worktops offer quite a lot of upside to the potential purchaser, but let’s balance these against the negative aspects.

First and foremost we must mention the negative element that affects almost all wooden kitchen worktops, the fact that they are susceptible to water stains. Unless liquid spills and splashes are wiped up swiftly, they will leave stains on the worktops that penetrate beyond the surface layers of the wood. Regular oiling to protect the surface will lessen the damage potential, but it will not completely reduce the risk (particularly around kitchen sinks and where kettles are placed).

Secondly, unlike other varieties of kitchen worktop, oak worktops do require a level of commitment from the owner to keep them looking their best. Oak worktops must be oiled prior to installation and regularly after that. This will prevent them warping and will, to a certain extent, prevent liquids penetrating into the timber.

On balance, oak worktops offer more benefits than negative factors. Providing you are prepared to look after them, oak worktops can work out fantastically in both modern and traditional kitchen settings.

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