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Quartz Worktops

Quartz worktops (sometimes referred to as quartz stone worktops) are those surfaces which are made from a mixture of natural quartz and polymer resins. The constituents are bonded together and vacuum processed, creating a high-performance kitchen surface.

Several different manufacturers produce quartz worktops. The worktop materials produced by these companies possess slightly different qualities – Silestone worktops, for example, contain an antibacterial agent – but they share many similar properties which benefit the purchaser.

Let’s look at some of these in more detail. All quartz kitchen worktops contain at least 93% natural quartz. As a result, quartz surfaces are really hard with a high density. Quartz surfaces are highly resistant to scratching and they are very durable.

The durability is mostly a result of the polymer resins. Quartz worktops are non-porous and will not become stained by spilt liquid and cooking splashes. Unlike granite worktops, quartz kitchen surfaces will not become stained by lemon juice and red wine.

Most manufacturers supply a quartz worktop with a ten year guarantee, and this is testament to quartz’s high-performance and durability. However, in addition to being exceptionally functional, quartz kitchen work surfaces also have a lot of visual appeal.

Because they are not made of 100% naturally occurring raw materials, quartz worktops can be manufactured in a consistent and uniform manner. Most manufacturers produce their quartz kitchen worktops in a range of different and eye-catching colours and designs. Although quartz worktops are often found in modern and contemporary kitchens, they can also be combined with natural materials in more traditional rooms.

As mentioned above, quartz stone worktops are produced by several different companies. The most respected and popular quartz surfaces are: Arenastone worktops, Ceaserstone worktops, Quartz Compac worktops, Silestone worktops, Zodiaq worktops and Quarella quartz worktops. If you are seriously considering purchasing a quartz worktop, you would be well-advised to check out all of these manufacturers and carefully compare and contrast the different features and properties.

Quartz worktops have a lot to offer the potential purchaser. They tick an awful lot of boxes from both a performance and aesthetic standpoint. If you were to focus on any weaknesses or negative points it would have to be the price (some types quartz worktops are exceedingly costly) and the fact that they do not provide the natural feel and uniqueness that you get with a granite worktop or a wood worktop. However, these factors do not come close to overshadowing the positives. If you have the budget, you should certainly give a quartz worktop some serious thought.

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