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Staron Worktops

Staron worktops (made by Samsung) are a popular type of solid surface worktop. Like other solid surface worktops they are constructed from an MDF core upon which a 6mm thick layer of acrylic resin has been bonded.

There are two ways to have a Staron worktop installed in your home. The first is to go for a bespoke fabrication. This means that your worktops are shaped and thermoformed off-site to your specifications. Most kitchen worktop configurations can be achieved with Staron, including curves and circular island units. With bespoke fabrication you can control the design of your kitchen and take full advantage of the fact that Staron can be installed with seamless joints. You can also incorporate some sections of worktop which have a greater thickness (12.3mm) of acrylic resin.

The second option is to go for a worktop from the Staron preformed range. This is the most cost-effective way of having a Staron solid surface worktop in your kitchen, and involves purchasing lengths of pre-built Staron worktop and having an experienced Staron fabricator install and shape them on-site. Seamless joints can still be achieved, but you are more limited in terms of your kitchen layout and the range of colours available.

Visual Appeal

There are twelve colours of Staron prefabricated worktop available and there are considerably more if you elect to purchase a bespoke fabrication. Seamless joints (in both bespoke and pre-formed worktops) allow for a clean, modern kitchen design to be achieved. It must be noted that some colours and finishes are easier to maintain than others. Staron worktops which are very dark in colour, white in colour, or finished in high gloss will show scratches and marks more readily than a matt, cream-coloured Staron worktop. (See below for more details).

Durability and Functionality

Staron kitchen worktops are very hygienic. When installed correctly, the surface is both non-porous and seamless, allowing germs and bacteria no opportunity to penetrate to the core. The surface is easy to keep clean, and can be wiped down with soap or kitchen spray and water.

Like most other solid surface worktops, Staron does scratch relatively easily. This is not a big deal as smaller areas of damage can usually be polished away and more significant areas of damage can either be sanded out or, if the affected area is large enough, replaced by a new section of worktop and seamlessly incorporated. As mentioned above, some colours and patterns of Staron are more susceptible to becoming scratched then others. Staron offers this advice in their brochure:

Darker coloured decors over a period of time will show signs of wear and tear unlike lighter decors. We recommend lighter decors with granite structures for work surfaces or surfaces used for heavy duty purposes because they are easier to maintain.

Although solid surfaces somewhat heat resistant, it is advisable to use a worktop saver to protect the Staron worktop from hot pans and cooking splashes, and to cut upon a chopping board (which can often be constructed from an extra piece of Staron worktop.

Installation and Cost

All Staron worktops come with a ten year guarantee, yet this is only valid if you can prove that the worktop was installed by an authorised Staron fabricator. Obviously, it is going to be considerably more expensive to have a bespoke worktop layout fabricated from Staron, than to opt for using pre-formed lengths of Staron. At the time of writing, a 3000mm length of Staron worktop cost between £500 and £600 depending on the colour and pattern. This makes it cheaper than some of the other solid surface worktops, but much more costly than laminate worktops and some wood worktops.

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